• House and lot sale operations

    Started sales in Tsu city, Mie prefecture in 1962, continuing to sell mainly in Mie and Aichi prefectures. In 2000, started sales of "Mori no Machi" with a planned 1,900 units. Using our abundant know-how and market research we have developed town-building with an understanding of diverse needs.

    Rather than simply mass housing, we undertake "comprehensively designed town-building" to increase asset value.

  • Custom-built housing business

    We have expanded the "Sanco Home" brand into 8 exhibition sites at comprehensive housing exhibition sites in Aichi and Mie prefectures. Utilizing "external insulation construction" we can provide comfortable homes which save energy.

    We also process lumber grown on site in Mie prefecture to provide to everyone in the area. Sanco Home is rooted in the area and will continue to build and deliver the finest wood homes as we grow together with the region.

  • Apartment house business

    Started our first apartment homes sales in Suita city, Osaka prefecture in 1972. Since then we have provided homes to people from many life stages in the Tokyo and Kansai areas centered around Chubu. Implementing a unique quality assurance system based on the know-how we have accumulated over many years, we are always working to maintain and improve the quality of our housing.

    In "Praise" series, which we started in 2012, we always work with a desire that customers and all who reside in the homes can be praised and commended by their families, friends and the towns as well as praising and commending their own life .

  • Brokerage business

    We have expanded into 12 branches total in Aichi and Mie prefectures. Making full use of our extensive network and abundant know-how, we propose options to fit our customers. Utilizing our proprietary systems such as our sale guarantee system and our purchase system, we provide robust support for our customers’ needs when moving houses.

  • Renovation business

    At 3 of our Mie prefecture branches we have expanded into renovation operations. Providing full support from consultations to delivery with customer specialists, our renovations have been highly praised by many customers.

    Since our company's founding we have utilized our many achievements in providing housing and our extensive home-building know-how to propose new ways of living to our customers.

  • Office

    We possess offices in major Tokai region cities such as Nagoya, Tsu, Yokkaichi, and Ise we where we have developed comprehensive leasing operations based on extensive tenant information and management experience.

    In recent years we have expanded into office operations in the region, such as constructing the environmentally conscious office building "Tsu Sanco Building". We will realize a functional urban environment suitable for the times and contribute to town-building.

  • Commercial facilities

    We have been general producers of commercial facility complexes around Aichi and Mie prefectures such as "Aeon Mall Kuwana" and the commercial complex "Lut's" (Tsu, Toyonaka, Suzuka), handling everything from development to management and operation. We have also expanded our road-side store leasing operations, providing spaces for local vitalization and relaxation.

  • Asset utilization

    In this leased land business we lease land from customers for a stable price. Utilizing the know-how we have gained from long years of urban development such as commercial facilities and coin parking, we propose the right kinds of utilization to fit customers' needs.

  • Renewable energy

    Our company is engaged in environmentally conscious efforts through the promotion of renewable energy such as solar power. In the town of Futami in Ise city, Mie prefecture, we started operation of the first power generator in April 2013. Since then we have been operating many generators centered around Mie prefecture.

  • Housing for the elderly

    In 2015 we established "housing for the elderly with services" in Kuwana city. These rental houses provide stable places for the elderly to live independently in our aging society. Equipped with handicap accessibility, they provide daily safety checks and life counseling services to the residents.

    Sanco Welfare Co., Ltd.