I would like to humbly thank you all for your continued support of our business.

As a core company of Mie Kotsu Group Holdings, Sanko Real Estate is a comprehensive real estate company expanding into business such as the development and selling of residential land and apartments, custom built homes, real estate brokerage, the administration of commercial facilities, rental buildings, parking lots, etc., and renovation operations.

Our company started out as "Mie Kaikan Co., Ltd.", established in Tsu city, Mie prefecture on July 1, 1956, and in the over 60 years since then has expanded our field of business to keep up with changes in the times and society.

In recent years, we have started mega solar operations in 2012, currently still working toward the promotion of environmentally-conscious green energy, as well as our development of "housing for the elderly with services" to meet the demand of our aging society in 2015, though which we started our work on elderly housing.

Going forward we will continue to meet all of your expectations by accurately anticipating the values and needs of our diversifying customer base and contribute to the development of rich lives for all of our customers through our business.

I look forward to your kind continued support of Mie Kotsu Group Holdings in the future.

Representative Director and President
Manabu Takabayashi